Medical records

Medical records may be made available to the patient:

  • for viewing;
  • by drawing up its excerpts, certified copies, copies or printouts;
  • by issuing the originals against a receipt and subject to return after use, if an authorized body or entity requests the originals of this documentation;
  • on an electronic medium – radiological examinations.

Fees for providing another copy of the documentation:

Price of a photocopy for one page is PLN 0.30

Electronic data carrier – PLN 1.74

In the event of a request for access to medical records made by a person other than the patient to whom the records relate, the request must be accompanied by a written authorization for that person to access the medical documentation.

In the case of personal collection of medical records, the person collecting them is required to present an identity document (with a photo).

Applications for sharing medical records may be submitted:

Requests for access to medical records can be directed to:

  • Patient Service Office – hall of the main building – from 07 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.
  • By electronic mail to the following address: (signed by the patient by hand)


Call Center (52)3743110

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