Information for people with disabilities

In connection with the obligation to provide appropriate medical care to persons with hearing disabilities, in particular in the field of communication between the patient and medical as well as non-medical personnel, the Oncology Centre offers the possibility of using the services of an interpreter from PJM (Polish Sign Language), SJM (Language and Sign System) and SKOGN (Deaf-Blind Communication). The intention to use the assistance of an interpreter should be reported on the following application form by post, in person, by fax, e-mail or via the Electronic Inbox as part of the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services at the Patient Service Office.

  • The intention to use the service should be submitted by an entitled person who is a disabled person or a person acting under his/her authorization, hereinafter referred to as the “reporting person”, within at least 3 working days before the event, except for emergencies,
  • The time limit for the performance of the service is counted from the day after which the notification was made,
  • The reporting person must indicate the chosen method of communication,
  • The reporting person must indicate the matter related to the provision of the service,
  • The reporting person may set a date for the performance of the service.


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