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Patients who have an appointment at the Polyclinic are asked to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled admission time.

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Centrum Onkologii
im. prof. Franciszka Łukaszczyka w Bydgoszczy

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We provide comprehensive care


The Polyclinic of the Oncology Center in Bydgoszcz consists of 16 specialist clinics.

During the first registration, a patient file is created. It is possible to set it up over the phone, but during the first visit, the Patient will be asked to complete the necessary information at the Patient Service Office. For this you will need an ID card. Patients who consent to sending a message by text message receive a text message reminding them to consult the clinic a day before the scheduled visit. Information about the clinic’s working hours with the name of the doctor receiving the doctor’s name and the ID list of registered patients are displayed on the monitors above the door to the offices.

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Branch in Włocławek

The Włocławek branch of the Oncology Center has been operating since 2002, constantly expanding its offer.

Multidisciplinary clinics, qualified staff and modern equipment – all this is offered by the Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Włocławek. Annually, 40,000 inhabitants of the city and its vicinity are treated here. It’s about 5 percent. population of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. The branch of the Oncology Center in Włocławek is located at 2a Królewiecka Street. Patients of the Diagnostic and Treatment Center can use ten specialist clinics.

  • Address of the branch in Włocławek: ul. Królewiecka 2A, 87-800 Włocławek
    Address of the Department of
  • Radiotherapy in Włocławek: ul. Łęgska 53, 87- 810 Włocławek
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We continue the creator’s mission
Polish oncology and our patron,
Professor Franciszek Łukaszczyk

We are there for you.
“The mission of the Center is to provide modern standards of diagnostics and combined cancer treatment, while striving to introduce innovative technologies and develop science and medical education.”



Angels that give you wings

Prawie 400 ręcznie wykonanych aniołów trafiło do bydgoskiego Centrum Onkologii. Ich twórcami są dzieci i rodzice z Centrum Kultury Teatru w Grudziądzu. Te wyjątkowe podarunki zostały przekazane naszym pacjentom. Tym miłym gestem członkowie Centrum Kultury . . .

International ISMICS Congress

W dniach 16-18 czerwca 2022r. w Warszawie odbył się coroczny międzynarodowy kongres ISMICS. Jest to wydarzenie naukowe z udziałem kilkuset najwyższej klasy autorytetów z kardiochirurgii i torakochirurgii z całego świata. W gronie zaproszonych gości nie . . .

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