Prevention programs

The Department of Prevention and Health Promotion performs testing in the field of oncological prophylaxis:

  • cervical Pap tests – free of charge, without referral, are dedicated to women between 25-59 years of age, once every 36 months. Persons with an abnormal Pap test result are referred for a colposcopy and for HPV (human papillomavirus) testing. This makes it possible to detect not only cervical cancer, but also precancerous lesions, treatment of which will prevent the development of the disease.
  • breasts – mammography – free, without referral, dedicated for women aged 50-69, once every 24 months. The test is also performed in a “Mammobus” that reaches many remote locations in the region. The results, after independent evaluation by two radiologist specialists, are sent by post to the patient’s address. Patients with abnormal test results are referred to the so-called “in-depth diagnostics stage”, with the date of an appointment, where the cancerous nature of the lesion may be confirmed. These tests have fundamentally changed the surgical treatment of breast cancer patients – 70% of them can be treated without the need for breast amputation.
  • large intestine – colonoscopy – free for people residing in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, from 50 to 65 years of age, who have either received a personal invitation or by own request. A colonoscopy can help prevent colorectal cancer by removing any polyps found during this examination. It is possible to perform a colonoscopy under general anaesthesia, the intestinal preparation agent is provided free of charge.
  • lungs – Low-dose Computed Tomography of the chest, free of charge, for smokers or persons with nicotine abstinence for no more than 15 years, and for people with family, occupational and health risk factors. Detailed criteria for participation in the program are available on the website:


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